NYU WinC Portraits #1 : Nazifa Islam

Nazifa Islam is currently a freshman at the the Polytechnic School of Engineering. She is continuously pushing and successfully attaining and fulfilling opportunities (internships, abroad team work opportunities, projects with large companies). No matter what the situation, she is always looking to find more, learn more, and broaden her horizon. Her drive as a computer science major is one that I haven't seen matched yet.

She spent this past summer at Bloomberg Tech & participated in a hackathon as a high school student competing and outdoing much of the competition, which was comprised of experienced college students. She built games using java; fluent in various programming languages as a freshman: java, javascript, python, C++, sql and schema; went to London on behalf of Bloomberg Tech to work on a project; and many more!

Her nominator asks, "What drives you?"

"This might sound tacky but it’s my mom. Ever since I was young, I witnessed her living away from my dad and away from her home. But her courage and strength pushes me to pursue my dreams. She inspired me to take every risk I took to be where I am today."

Congrats, Nazifa!

WinC Portraits is series that highlights the wonderful women of New York University and their stories. These women have inspired others around them while working towards increasing the number of females in the world of tech.

Have someone in mind? Nominate her at bit.ly/1C0Tv4n