NYU WinC Portraits #2 : Connie Shi

Connie Shi has been an amazing friend, mentor, an inspiration to many women in the NYU CS community. She's very hard working and always willing to help which has led to her internship offers at JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, Bloomberg, HackNY, Time Inc, GOOGLE and more!

One nominator asks, "How do you do it?!"

"Honestly, a lot of juggling, a love for coding, some ice cream (when things get tough), and the support of the amazing people around me."

Congrats, Connie!

WinC Portraits is series that highlights the wonderful women of New York University and their stories. These women have inspired others around them while working towards increasing the number of females in the world of tech.
Have someone in mind? Nominate her at bit.ly/1C0Tv4n