Upcoming Events

Monday, September 16th- WinC Meet Nā€™ Greet

Location: Leslie eLab Lean/Launchpad

Time: 6-7:30PM

Description: Come to our Meet Nā€™ Greet for an evening of food and fun! Meet your fellow WinC members and our eBoard!

September 24th- Google interview deep dive

TBD September- Facebook office Visit

October 22nd- Google #IAmRemarkable Workshop

TBD November- Google Office visit

Unless it's specified, all WinC meetings and events are open to NYU students of all genders and fields of study.
(Yes, non-women are welcome, but please be respectful that these events are geared towards underrepresented groups in the tech space!)


Check the Calendar for dates or Connect with us to learn more!

Companies: Please contact us at wincinfo@cs.nyu.edu to inquire about sponsorships and collaborations!