(Please note that the following listings are merely a glimpse of all the opportunities available to NYU students. The information on this page appears by manual entry, not direct feed.)

Here's a list of shared resources for interview prep, coding practice, tech news, etc. Feel free to leave suggestions!

For a fuller listing of job opportunities:


Jobs and Internships

Google encourages students to apply to their internship and full-time opportunities. More information about regarding Summer internships, scholarships, and other student opportunities is available here

More on Google Resources:

  • Check out Google’s new technical career development guide! -- http://goo.gl/vn2lfK. The guide is filled with resources to help you with your technical development, so we encourage you to explore and take advantage of these various resources.
  • Google Developers Live:  GDL is a series of pre-made top quality developer videos on specific technical topics.  You can filter by subject and explore videos related to developing and programming with Android, Chrome, the Cloud, etc...  
  • Google DevBytes: The DevBytes series exists within GDL and is shorter and more instructional in nature.
  • Google Developers Academy:  GDA is a series of online development courses which walks you through things like building your first Android App and building things with Python and App Engine.  

Job opportunities and timelines at Google

Please check out google.com/jobs/students/ for a list of all the full time jobs openings, but definitely check out our Software Engineer, University Grad role if you’re graduating this year. In order to be formally considered for any of our positions, you must apply online on our job site. We encourage to check the deadlines and apply asap!

Feel free to shoot an email to nyu-tech-students@google.com

Start Ups
New York City is a boasting start-up community with great positions for new graduates and undergraduates looking for internships. Check out InternMatch for some unique opportunities.

EPIC software is highly utilized in the medical sector across the globe. Around 1 in 4 physicians will use the software after the final roll out stages. Check out their amazing Madison, Wisconsin campus and opportuntieshere

Morgan Stanley

IBM Recruiting calendar: http://www-913.ibm.com/employment/us/extremeblue/calendar.html
IBM Jobs site for student opportunities: http://www-03.ibm.com/employment/us/
The Extreme Blue~Y Internship program: http://www-913.ibm.com/employment/us/extremeblue/
Jobs and Internships at IBM Research: http://www.research.ibm.com/about/career.shtml

The Wasserman Center for Career Development at NYU
Make an appointment to go over resumes and coverletters! Get advice on internships and scholarships! Check out CareerNet: great resource for internships and full time jobs!