NYU's WinC has worked with companies like Two Sigma Ventures, Palantir, IBM, Google, Morgan Stanley, etc. to organize recruiting events, academic panels, technical workshops, on-site company visits, programming contests, and scholarships to support our members.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects listed here, please contact us at: wincinfo@cs.nyu.edu.

Mentoring Program

Every year, WinC hosts a mentorship program to match underclassmen female students beginning their studies in computer science with upperclassmen who are rounding out their studies. In the past, we have also had this program with NYU’s CS faculty. Please follow our newsletter and Facebook Group for updates about this program!

WinC’s Outreach to high school girls in NYC

New York University Women in Computing (WinC) team up with Princeton University Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE) to organize an annual conference for young women in 9th and 10th grades during Spring semester. The annual New York City Girls Computer Science and Engineering Conference gives young women a taste of the tremendous creativity and innovation involved in computer science and engineering or science career, and show young women how these fields can help change the world.
The event includes talks by women computer science and engineering professors, graduate and undergraduate students, demos of exciting on-going research and projects in computer science (Games, Robotics, and so on) and engineering at Princeton and NYU, and an engineering design competition where girls are challenged to construct structurally-sound towers using only spaghetti sticks and gumdrops. We also discuss the prerequisites required from obtaining an education in computer science and engineering, as well as the undergraduate computer science and engineering experience.
The goal of the program is to show young women that an education in computer science and engineering is both an attainable and rewarding goal.

This year’s conference is on November 6th!

Technical Workshops

Organizing workshops to provide technical expertise to our members by inviting experts in the field from companies and also academia.

Recruiting events

WinC plans recruiting events to help match students with companies offering full-time jobs, internships, and scholarships.

Company Visits

Organizing visits to companies such as those listed above to build a network of support between professionals in the industry and our students.

Academic Panels

WinC organizes academic talks/panels dealing with a wide range of topics related to Women in Computing.


Raise funds to support WinC's activities such as academic panels and workshops, and allowing members to participates in conferences, and programming contests.

We are approaching several companies to sponsor WinC. In this program, companies would donate an annual amount to our CS department, which will go to support WinC activities. We will be happy to include credits on our website and also on our club T-shirts. This would be greatly appreciated as WinC is a student organization and in need of financial support to successfully implement its projects. Please contact us directly for any specific inquires regarding sponsorship packages.